Battery Tips

7 tips to keep your car battery last longer more

There are a number of things you can do to care for your car battery and prolong its performance, saving yourself time and money. Our tips below will reduce your risk of experiencing a flat battery and maximize of your battery life.

1. Drive your vehicle regularly

Leaving your vehicle stationary for an extended period affects your battery’s charge. To maintain the required level of charge in your battery make sure you regularly drive or let it run for at least 30 minutes.

2. Have your engine serviced regularly

Poor engine condition can overload the battery and reduce its life. Make sure that you had service your vehicle on schedule.

3. Check the battery charging rate

Have the charging rate checked at every major service. Both under and over-charging will reduce car battery life and void the warranty. We will check your alternator and starter condition too. Alternatively you can contact our outlets to get your battery check.

4. Avoid draining

Avoid leaving vehicle accessories on regularly as this will discharge the battery which will then require a recharge. Especially when the alternator is not running. Constant recharging may shorten the life of your battery.

5. Keep the car battery case clean

Dirt and dampness can damage your battery case and may cause your battery to lose change. Ensure the case and terminals are checked and cleaned during every major service.

6. Secure your car battery

Check that your battery is secure at all times, as vibrations can damage the battery plates. Inspect battery terminals regularly. Loose, broken, corroded or calcified connections can cause breakdowns.

7. Don’t jump start a flat car battery

Don’t attempt a jump-start as it can damage the electronics in many modern cars. If you have a flat battery, call Kochi Batteries Rescue on 03-78436061 or call your nearest Kochi Batteries Outlets.